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      Efficient Trane heating and air conditioning systems installed by University Air & Heating offer family comfort, quietness, and assurance. Trane equipment has given millions of customers real utility saving by designing efficent, reliable, and long lasting products. Trane includes engineering excellence so wonderful families can survive long 'superhot' Texas summers. University Air & Heating sales Trane because we want the best for our customers.

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"Trane Products Serve Customers Well"
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      Trane offers a wide selection of proven products to meet all customer needs. Their style, design, and quality are an industry standard that is appreciated by value minded customers nation wide. From a contractor's view point, Trane's advertising slogan, "Its Hard To Stop A Trane" , is indeed true.


      Performance is outstanding for the complete Trane line of products. As exterior temperatures swing high and low, steady interior temperatures provide wonderful family comfort. Why take chances when proven superior quality and efficiency are available?

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Last Updated March 2009